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Greenhouse Climate Engineering Software


Suntec (NZ) Ltd 2009


Accurately predicts cooling or heating requirements for greenhouses in any climate



Detailed user manual
Options for metric or US measurements throughout
Options for user defined climate settings


Greenhouse Cooling

1) Pad and Fan Cooling

Output includes

Climate factors including outside temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, greenhouse dimensions, cladding transmission, site altitude
Fan number and capacity
Pad size and Water flow rate
Predicted temperatures inside the greenhouse at a range of outside humidity levels

2) Fog Cooling

Output includes

Fog and Air flow rates to achieve desired climate parameters
Climate factors including outside temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, site altitude, greenhouse height.
Possible inside climate conditions for a range of fog and air flow rates


Greenhouse Heating



Temperature data from 150+ Climate locations around the world
35 Of the most popular heating fuels
10 of the most popular cladding materials
5 Options for thermal screen
Potential to design any climate, greenhouse size, shape and specifications

Output includes

Full temperature data for the climate
Greenhouse specifications
Design Heating Capacity to achieve Target temperatures
Heating requirements and fuel use on an annual, hourly and monthly basis, using heating degree days technique or average minimum temperature data.

Crop Water and fertilizer use 

Uses complex equations to derive water and fertilizer use for crops in any climate



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