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Specialty Publications for Commercial Horticulture

Fresh Culinary Herb Production . Hydroponic Strawberry Production . Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production


Hydroponic Salad Crop Production

Hydroponic production of salad crops results in 'year round production of quality greens, free of any contamination and grown and packed under optimum conditions to maximise consumer appeal.

Lettuce crops continue to dominate hydroponic salad production in volume, and this book encompasses all of the most recent developments, scientific findings, and research and grower experience to present the definitive information on hydroponic lettuce production.


As discerning consumers become more sophisticated, the variety and selection of what constitutes a salad becomes broader, and hydroponic salad now encompasses much more than just simple lettuces. Hydroponic Salad Crop Production therefore describes the varieties and production essentials of all currently produced salad and microgreens, while realising this is a market that is sure to evolve.


As hydroponic production becomes more widely accepted and adopted around the world, growers need to consider carefully the different options for system and plant variety in order to produce economic yields. This analysis is carefully presented throughout the book in an easy to understand format.


With contributing authors renowned for their professional involvement in commercial hydroponic production, Hydroponic Salad Crop Production is sure to become a valuable guide for anyone interested in these important crops.

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Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production

Dr Lynette Morgan PhD


In this superb specialist publication, Dr Morgan pieces together a wealth of worldwide scientific research findings, grower experience, management expertise, and up to date technical information on every conceivable topic relevant to modern commercial greenhouse tomato production, and presents it in her delightful easy-reading style making it all readily understood by a wide audience.


Growers, scientists, academics, merchants and anyone involved in commercial hydroponic tomato crop production anywhere in the world, will benefit from the information presented in Dr Morgan’s latest book.


This book is sure to set the standard for publications on this topic for years to come.



The tomato plant, introduction and history, health benefits, history of greenhouse cultivation, hydroponic tomato fruit markets, cultivars,  world production statistics,  future production, yields and potential. 

Types of tomato, determinate vs indeterminate cultivars, hybrids vs open pollinated,, commercial greenhouse types and cultivars, heirloom types, cultivar selection, disease resistance and codes, seed suppliers.

Protected environments for tomato production – the tomato environment, temperature, heating, cooling, humidity, VPD, light, CO2, O2, outdoor environments. 

Hydroponic systems for commercial tomato production – solution culture, flood and drain, growing substrates and their properties. 

Organic hydroponic tomato production, certification, allowable inputs, nutrients, P&D control. 

Heirloom Tomato production

Tomato nutrition, nutrients, solution concentrations and adjustments, and factors that affect nutrient uptake in tomato crops. water quality, nutrient formulation, solution analysis examples, leachate sampling, nutrient and foliar mineral level interpretation,  Nutrient management, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, pH, irrigation management, deficit irrigation, irregular watering, foliar sprays 

Tomato propagation – cultivar selection for disease resistance and characteristics, temperatures determine flower numbers, GE, long shelf life cultivars 

Systems of production – determinate vs indeterminate, limited truss, long term layering, intercropping, second head, split head systems, leaf pruning, leaf plucking, lower leaf removal, LAI,  crop training, pruning, support, spacing, layering, vegetative growth, flowering, pollination, fruit set and fruit growth, pollinators, fruit thinning, truss pruning, 

Crop steering, environmental control for crop growth, DIFS, pre night drop, cultivar differences, temperatures, root zone heating, cooling, vegetative vs generative crop, side shoot retention and removal, topping, crop removal CO2 enrichment and artificial lighting, humidity 

Crop and fruit quality, improvements, flavor, shelf life, quality testing, brix, dry weight, acidity, shelf life, self assessment, taste panels, 

Pests, Control options, IPM, sprays, and biological control, 

Diseases,  Control options, sprays, and biological control

Physiological disorders,  

Non biotic disorders, 

Harvesting, post harvest handling, packaging and storage, ripeness stages, effects on flavor and quality,  




275 pages packed with up to date information sourced from scientists and expert growers worldwide

Full colour illustrations throughout, softcover.

Listed on CAB DIRECT

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Hydroponic Strawberry Production

Hydroponic strawberries are a profitable and rewarding crop to grow, but also a crop which needs to be fully understood if economic yields are to be obtained from out of season production.

Understanding of the plant's development and specific requirements and attention to

selection of the correct cultivar,

suitable pre plant treatments,

type of propagation and planting material,

hydroponic media and system,

crop nutrition,

climate and environment,

planting density,

pollination methods and

pest and disease control

are all necessary if an economic commercial crop is to be produced.

As conventional strawberry producers and extensive field operations are experiencing difficulties with the ban on widely used soil sterilisation chemicals, hydroponic strawberry production is becoming a logical alternative.

Hydroponic strawberry production will prove a valuable guide for all intending and existing growers of this increasingly important hydroponic crop.

A Suntec NZ Ltd Publication



Page                                        Chapter          


1                Background to Soilless Strawberry Production

8                The Strawberry Plant – Growth Form, Types, Cultivars and Physiology

14               Protected Environments for Hydroponic Strawberry Production

27               Hydroponic Systems for Commercial Strawberry Production

47               Commercial Strawberry Production

51               Strawberry Nutrition

63               Strawberry Propagation

66               Vegetative Growth, Flowering, Pollination, Fruit Set and Fruit Growth

73               Strawberry Fruit Quality and Flavor

78               Pests and Diseases of Hydroponic Strawberries

99               Harvesting, Post Harvest Handling, Packaging and Storage


105             References

112             Index

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Fresh Culinary Herb Production

By Dr Lynette Morgan


Fresh culinary herbs are one of the fastest growing markets for gourmet produce on a worldwide scale. The requirement for year round production of this diverse range of crops has seen the development of many commercial greenhouse herb growing operations. With high quality fresh herb crops providing lucrative returns for many growers, new technology—hydroponic and organic production methods, has been adopted to push yields and quality to maximum levels.


Crop production factors such as hydroponic, soil and organic systems, nutrient formulations, propagation, production planning, recommendations from nutrient and foliar analysis, environmental control, harvesting, post-harvest storage and handling, and pest and disease control, are all covered in easy-to-understand language.


With experience as a commercial hydroponic grower, international consultant and researcher, the author provides new technical information on the cultivation of many herb species, as well as outlining the basics of commercial herb production. Growers of all levels of experience will find this technical guide easy to follow, with many coloured illustrations and referencing to information sources.


“Fresh culinary herb production is a technical and scientific guide that no commercial herb grower should be without”

A Suntec NZ Ltd Publication



1          Introduction to Commercial Herb Production

4          Herb Propagation  

13         Soil Cultivation of Herb Crops

15         Hydroponic Systems for Herb Production

20         System Engineering for Irrigation and Greenhouses  

24         Organic Greenhouse Production Systems for Herb Crops  

30         Plant Nutrition and Hydroponic Nutrients  

33         Pests and Diseases of Herb Crops  

50         Crop Production

·               (50)         Sweet Basil

·               (58)         Cilantro

·               (63)         Chives and Garlic Chives

·               (68)         Mint

·               (72)         Dill and Fennel

·               (75)         Marjoram and Oregano

·               (78)         Parsley and Chervil

·               (81)         Rosemary

·               (84)         Sage

·               (87)         Tarragon

·               (91)         Thyme

·               (94)         Kaffir Lime

·               (94)         Lemongrass

·               (95)         Lemon Balm

·               (96)         Bay

·               (96)         French Sorrel

·               (97)         Savory

·               (99)         Arugula

·               (100)       Recao or Culantro

·               (101)       Epazote

·               (103)       Chilli pepper varieties

·               (106)       Wasabi 

·               (112)       Perilla

114       References

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