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 Dr Lynette Morgan PhD     and    Simon Lennard M.Hort.Sc

Hydroponics . Contract Research . Product Development . Consultants


Hydroponics and Protected Cultivation

- A Practical Guide-

Dr Lynette Morgan PhD




SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants was formed by two horticultural graduates in 1995 with the objective of providing qualified, practical and sound advice to horticultural producers, particularly those involved in the hydroponic industry.  With a background in hydroponics and extensive worldwide experience in ornamental and vegetable production and management, we can offer cost effective unbiased advice based on practical experience and backed by scientific research. 

SUNTEC International Hydroponic Consultants have a number of successful clients from around the world, and during the past fifteen years we have assisted numerous growers to achieve their potential yields and quality.

We have also carried out world class horticultural and scientific research, as well as advanced product development for several key players in the international market. Our work is priced competitively, and performed on time every time, with a full report presented in proper scientific format  - many of our original clients return consistently.

Clients can contact us via email, fax or phone with enquires - or we can arrange to carry out a site visit (contact us for a quote).

We endeavour to answer all correspondence within 12-24 hours.   

We will not answer any enquiries from any person involved in producing illegal crops

Clients can contact us via email, fax or phone with enquires 
We endeavour to answer all correspondence within 12-24 hours.  
Payment by business/personal cheque can be accepted from all countries.  
Credit card payments (US$100.00 deposit) can be made at our secure site - click the link below.
Service PRICE  USD
Individual nutrient formula based on water supply, 
includes recommendations for changes due to crop and season, EC, volumes and dilution rates
fertilizer sources		
Interpretation of water or nutrient solution lab analysis				
All other consultancy advice charged at $65 per hour + expenses			
Covers all aspects of crop production including 
greenhouse design
irrigation and fertigation planning
environmental control
crop training
crop management
crop nutrition
pest and disease control including low chemical alternatives,  
staff training
postharvest handling 
Literature search			
$80 per topic
Consultants visit per day EACH. (Time on site only -we don't charge you to sit on a plane)
Overseas on site visit with follow up advisory service		
p.o.a email
Please let us know if there are any further technical services you require and we will supply a price quote  

If you are interested in registering with us as a new client, please proceed to the 

QUESTIONAIRE page and enter the details of your growing operation. 

Once we have this information we will provide a quote for ongoing advisory services.

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Contract Research

SUNTEC carries out scientific research for growers, companies and manufacturers who require products or systems 
to be tested.  
SUNTEC has facilities on site for running various trials as well as hiring facilities at nearby Massey University. 
We are very experienced in the field of product development, testing and scientific reporting to a very high standard
A number of large overseas companies have benefited from our cost-effective trial and product development work.
List of past Research Projects
Structural and physical properties of hydroponic media
Neem insecticide efficacy, stability, and residue testing
Silica as a plant nutrient and other beneficial elements in hydroponics
Effects of salinity on hydroponic crops
Evaluation of computerised water conditioners on lettuce and tomato crops
Dissolved oxygen levels in hydroponic systems
Effect of nutrient formulation on crop growth
Tomato flavour and quality - methods of tomato fruit quality assessment
Evaluation of hydroponic production systems
Electrostatic spraying devices
Organic hydroponic system and nutrients
Effect of silica on tomato crops
Foliar Fertilizer research trials
Aquaponic production systems
Botanical extracts for pest and disease conrol
Use of Coconut Fibre as a soilless growing media
Evaluation of leading brands of fertiliser from USA and Canada
Trials for Pesticide registrations in New Zealand, UK and USA/Canada  
Product development for International Fertiliser companies
Efficacy, shelf life (accelerated and real time) and stability testing of new agrichemical products
Assessment of sonic resonance equipment
Trials for Hydrosmart (Australia) 
and many others ...
Please note
"Assessment" or "Evaluation" of products listed above does not constitute any endorsement or promotion whatsoever.
Fresh Culinary Herb Production Dr Lynette Morgan 2001, 2005
Hydroponic Strawberry Production Dr Lynette Morgan 2006
Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production Dr Lynette Morgan 2008
Hydroponic Salad Crop Production 2012 (Dr L Morgan - Editor)
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