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Commercial Neem Soluble Concentrate

"Give your 'new chemistry' a break..."

Greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) adult and nymph stages on tomato. The prime target for NeemAQ®

Background Information

Since 2002 work has continued, to develop an effective and stable formulation based on active ingredients from the Indian Neem tree (Azadirachta indica), for use as insecticides in commercial horticulture. Many products based on neem are simple oil formulations (ECs) which are not stable and pose a high risk of causing spray damage on treated crops. This is obviously unacceptable for commercial growers. Some experienced tomato producers have estimated that each spray of an EC reduces their crop yield by up to 5% - even when the damage is unseen. 

In 2004 Suntec NZ Ltd developed the world's first WP formulation of neem, successfully eliminating the phytotoxic oil component, and producing a formulation with excellent efficacy and remarkable stability. This product was registered in New Zealand in 2006 as Neem 600WP . Effective as it is, Neem 600WP inevitably results in a light powder coating on treated crops, which met with resistance in the supermarket supply chain, and being a powder requires mixing with water prior to application. 

An improved product was required which was easy to use and resulted in no visible residues, while maintaining:

Plant Safety
Low Toxicity
No Pest Resistance
IPM Compatibility
Cost Effectiveness


NeemAQ® is the successful result, after nearly 10 years of continued product development, Suntec NZ Ltd has produced the ultimate Neem formulation for commercial horticulture.

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Comparison trial - Efficacy and Safety of NeemAQ combinations (Adobe PDF)

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